Meliza Chiappinelli

“Nutrii has eliminated my need for having to purchase multiple supplements. The organic greens powder is delicious and refreshing tasting, nothing like those others out on the market that taste artificial. The quality truly makes me feel safe and confident that I am using the best for my body. Oh and it also helps that the green powder is 100% Certified Organic, which I love!”

Alexadria Roemer

"It’s about time that a supplement company comes into the market with products that taste like they genuinely care about the customers best interest- not just making a quick buck. The greens blend amazingly and all flavors are refreshing and natural tasting as opposed to many companies overly sweetened artificial flavors. In addition- Nutrii is making products that matter! Greens and collagen are awesome ways to take care of the body from the inside out and have so many amazing benefits. I’m expecting great things to come from Nutrii!"

Melanie Merritt

"I already feel like I’m on the way to better hair, skin and nails. Throughout my life I’ve struggled finding easy ways to improve my overall health and well-being (especially when it comes to my appearance), and I get so frustrated taking endless amounts of supplements--one for this and one for that--they all add up so quickly. What I love about Nutrii is how easy it is to drink! Simply add it to water or a smoothie and voila--I feel like I’m doing my body a huge favor. I’m a busy mom, so saving time and money is HUGE! Thank you, Nutrii."