12 Ways to Beat Insomnia Like a Boss

Having a hard time crashing out? With so many of us getting woken up at night, it’s no wonder why it’s super hard to get your beauty sleep.

Are you tired of counting sheep? Take back the night with these 12 ways to beat insomnia like a boss!  

1). Weighted Blanket

Ever slept with a weighted blanket before? If not, then you’re missing out. That’s because they work wonders for restless nights.

The best part? Weighted blankets feel just like a soft hug. Nothing could be better than that!

2). Binaural Beats

What are binaural beats? This new soundwave therapy sends different frequencies to each ear, creating one crystal clear sound.

Want to see for yourself? You can easily find binaural beats playlists online!

3). Melatonin Supplements

Sick of running on zero hours? Try taking a melatonin supplement. Not sure what melatonin is? Here’s the breakdown: this natural sleep aid will help you fall asleep deeper and faster!

4). Sound Machine

Get this: Thanks to sound machines, you don’t have to lose your fight against sleep anymore. In case you didn’t know, you’ll get a good night’s rest as soon as you plug it in.

How? Sound machines produce soothing white noises like cascading waterfalls and whistling wind. Plus, it’s super easy to control the volume too!

5). Blackout Shades

Want to take it up a notch? Invest in a quality blackout shades to block out the light. Already have curtains? Line them with these lifesavers. Now: You can take all the midday naps you want!

6). Meditation Apps

Craving a more soothing state of mind? Pro tip: “Oms” can turn to magically turn into snores when you use a meditation app. Just press play and let yourself unwind!

7). Breathing Exercises

Can we be totally honest with you? Breathing exercises are the secret to falling into a deeper sleep cycle. Scratching your head? Simply breath in and out for three cycles until you drift away!

8). Silky Eye Masks

Good news: If you already have a silky eye mask, then you’re one step ahead. How do they work? The truth is, they make your brain feel like you’re in total darkness, improving melatonin production. Extra points for earplugs!

9). Lavender Pouches

Need another word of advice? Leave a lavender pouch on your bedside table and breathe in the good vibes. Don’t be surprised when you wake up feeling refreshed!

10). Phone Breaks

When was the last time you turned your phone off? If you haven’t shut down your devices in a while, we highly recommend you press the “off” button before bed!

11). Yoga Sessions

Did you know that yoga can help you fall asleep too? Just unroll your mat, practice a few asanas, and you’ll be snoozing before you know it!

12). Collagen Powder

News flash: Adding collagen powder to a glass of warm milk at night is guaranteed to make you doze off!

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