3 Moves to Strengthen Your Core (Fast!)

What’s the best part about the holidays? For most of us, it’s the chance to curl up with our pets and binge watch Christmas movies in our sweats. But here’s the thing: you can actually use those five-minute Hallmark commercial breaks to tone up your core too.

With these three short exercises, busting a move in your living room will be a no-brainer. Want to join the holiday fitness train? Check out three moves to strengthen your core (fast!)

  1. V Ups

Here’s a fun fact: V ups are the new sit-ups. If you want to get started, find an empty spot on your floor, grab a yoga mat, and lay flat on your back. Then, start hovering your legs towards the ceiling, bringing your hands behind your neck for extra support.

After that, engage your core and lift your body into a V shape. The next step is to lift up your upper torso to effortlessly balance on your rear end. Now, reach towards your legs with your hands, aiming towards the center of your legs.

Finally, lower your body back onto the floor, releasing your core muscles and relaxing into a “starting position.” Ready to take it up a notch? Try repeating this exercise for another 45 seconds!

  1. Drawbridge

Are you trying to get in shape for that last-minute holiday party? Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered. For this exercise, begin by laying down on your side and stacking one leg on top of the other. Moving your legs towards the TV, your body will naturally form a V shape.

This is crazy: pressing against your bottom arm, lift your torso and leg towards the ceiling to do a side V crunch. Once you’re done with your side crunch, lower your body down into your original position.

Feeling the burn yet? If not, repeat the drawbridge exercise for just under one minute, taking a few seconds to rest in between sets. Now, switch to the other side to repeat this core-strengthening exercise. You’ll be holiday party ready before you know it!

  1. Wipers

Can we be completely honest with you? Wipers are probably the most challenging move on this entire list. That being said, get back down on your mat and lay on your back. Next, push your legs straight up towards the ceiling.

Keeping your legs in line with your hipbones, press your hands down towards the floor. Lifting your hips up towards the star of your Christmas tree, drop your right hip onto your left hand. Popping your hips back up, repeat the same thing on the left side, moving your left hip onto your right hand.

For those of you who are feeling super brave, we dare you to repeat this exercise again for 45 seconds. If not, then feel free to go back to your usual holiday programming. We promise we won’t tell Santa!

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