4 Hacks to Eat Better, Easier

Ask anyone what they believe healthy eating consists of, and they’ll most likely tell you that it involves eating less, working out more, counting calories, keeping a food journal, and a bunch of other chore-like duties. But although eating healthy may seem like a tiresome task, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it’s easier than you think.


As with everything in life, if you plan accordingly and gain a bit of basic knowledge before you embark on a journey to eating better, you’ll enjoy greater and easier success. What’s more, there are a number of hacks that will actually help you to have a much easier time with eating healthier foods more often.


Though there are many others, below we’ll go over four of our favorite hacks to eat better, easier. Even if you implement just one of the hacks below, you’ll be well on your way to eating better and healthier foods with ease.


#1: Hide greens in your meals for a nutritional boost.


Let’s face it – of all healthy foods, greens such as vegetables are often the hardest thing for us to stay consistent with. We know they’re extremely healthy for us, but whether it's the taste or the texture, we just can’t seem to make them a staple on our plates at every meal. One simple yet effective way to eat greens more often is to mix them into your meals.


For example, instead of eating a spinach salad, try tossing some spinach into your spaghetti while cooking. Or if you’re making a breakfast omelet, this is one of the best places to sneak in a few vegetables (try onions and bell peppers for awesome flavor). 


Another way to eat more plants in your daily diet is to take a supplement such as the Organic Super Greens + Digestion by Nutrii. Each serving is packed with loads of nutrients and probiotics sourced from vegan foods such as spinach, collard greens, and turmeric.


#2: Keep processed foods out of the house. Period.


If you have a big habit of fog eating – meaning that you eat without much thought (such as in front of the TV) – you’ll want to keep processed foods out of your house altogether. This way next time you want a snack, you’ll have to opt for a healthier option, such as fruit or lean meat. If you absolutely have to eat some processed snacks such as candy, you’ll be forced to drive to the store. In most cases, however, you’ll simply decide not to go, since you don’t want to do all that driving just for some snacks that are bad for you in the first place.


#3: Grill or bake instead of frying.


People tend to fry their food just because it’s a lot quicker and easier, but grilling or baking your food can save you from eating extra calories, often to the tune of several hundred a day! When you fry your food, you eat more excess calories in the form of oils and butter. Opt to grill or bake your food for some extra calorie savings. If you absolutely must fry your food, opt for a nonstick pan and pass on the oil.


#4: Eat more servings of fat.


Yes, you read that right. While fat has been given a bad reputation, it is actually very good for you, as long as you’re eating healthy fats (avoid trans and saturated fats).


Studies show that people who eat or snack on healthy fats like almonds or avocados are likely to eat fewer overall calories in the day. This is because fats make you feel more satiated and full for a longer period of time, naturally causing you to eat less.