4 Waist-Cinching Moves That Will Change Your Life

We all know that Kim Kardashian’s waist is #goals, but is it humanly possible for us to get one that snatched too? The answer is yes.

Thanks to Kourtney Kardashian and her Poosh team, we now know the secrets to get a celebrity–worthy waistline. Check out four waist-cinching moves that will change your life!


  1. Gliding Disc Pike

Ever heard of the gliding disc pike? If not, let us explain. For this at-home exercise, all that you will need is a yoga mat and a couple of gliding discs.

If you’re ready for the next step, try getting into a traditional plank position with both feet carefully placed on the gliding discs. Now, tighten your core as much as you can and press your posterior towards the sky. Here comes the easy part: repeat this exercise 15 more times!

  1. Gliding Disc Plank Tuck

Let’s take it up a notch. This next move is called the gliding disc plank tuck. Similar to the last move, get on your yoga mat and put yourself in the plank position. Of course, both of your feet should be placed on your gliding discs again too.

Now: tucking your knees close to your chest, tighten your abs while remaining in plank position. The next step is to straighten your legs out and return to the beginning position. If you’re really feeling like a daredevil, then repeat this exercise 15 times.

  1. Gliding Disc Mountain Climbers with Shoulder Tap

Want to get crazy? First of all, don’t let the name “gliding disc mountain climbers with shoulder tap” scare you. This challenging–looking position is much easier than it seems.

Getting back onto your yoga mat, push yourself into plank position, placing your sliding discs beneath your feet. Then, begin performing mountain climbers, moving your knee toward your elbow and switching your legs.

When you’ve completed four reps, make sure that you do a few shoulder taps on each side for good measure. Now, try doing four reps of mountain climbers and several shoulder taps again for another 30 seconds. All done!

  1. Gliding Disc Leg Slide with Plank Push-up

If the term “gliding disc leg slide with plank push-up" sounds like a foreign language to you, allow us to translate. Just like the positions that we discussed above, you’re going to want to start on your yoga mat in a plank position, placing your feet on your gliding discs.

Keeping yourself in full plank formation, bring one leg out towards the side of your body, and alternate to repeat on the other side. When you’re ready, complete a plank push-up.

To do so, bring yourself into plank position with your forearms supporting on the mat. Now, press your self up into full plank position with your hands on the mat.

For beast mode status, feel free to repeat this exercise for 30 seconds!

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