4 Ways to Get Over a Weight Loss Plateau


Weight loss is truly a roller coaster of a ride. While it may seem that the weight is just melting off your body at first, you might eventually find yourself in a phase where nothing changes. Despite the consistency, effort, and determination, you just can’t seem to make the scale budge.


This phenomenon, which is better known as “hitting a plateau”, tends to occur right before you’ve hit your ideal weight. Those pesky last five pounds can be frustrating and disheartening, to say the least. The good news is, however, that there are a few strategies that you can implement to get your weight loss back on track in little to no time.


To help you get back in action, let’s take a look at four ways to get over a weight loss plateau.


#1: Lift heavy weights.


One of the best ways to burn more fat is by increasing your metabolism, one of the best ways to increase your metabolism is by building more lean muscle mass, and one of the best ways to build more lean muscle mass is by lifting heavy weights. If you already lift heavy weights, consider lifting heavier. Or, try switching to compound exercises such as bench presses, squats, deadlifts, pushups, and pull-ups.


#2: Cut back on the carbs.


Throughout time, there have been many fad diets to come and go. However, reducing your overall intake of carbs is a diet hack that’s backed by science and here to stay. You don’t have to do a keto diet (unless you want to), but try cutting back on more carbs than you already do, especially refined carbs such as bread and pasta.


#3: Eat more fiber.


Oftentimes, people hit a weight loss plateau or even gain back a few pounds because they hit a point where they have stronger cravings for sugars and other unhealthy foods. While there are several causes for these cravings, one of the best ways to reduce unhealthy cravings is by eating more fiber. Fiber makes you feel full and also helps to increase your metabolism.


#4: Start drinking tea (instead of coffee).


Coffee by itself is actually healthy for you (it contains antioxidants and boosts your metabolism for a short period of time), but the way people drink coffee tends to be very unhealthy (such as sugar-laden frappucinos and sweetened coffees). Green tea, on the other hand, is extremely healthy for you and is traditionally enjoyed unaltered. Green tea contains catechins as well, which is known to boost your metabolism by speeding up the liver’s ability to burn fat. Green tea is such a healthy drink, that the Okinawans – some of the longest-living people around – drink nearly five cups a day.


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