5 Incredible Benefits of Green Tea That You Should Know


If you follow along with the health and fitness world in any capacity, then you’ve probably heard that drinking tea – especially green tea – has amazing anti-aging benefits and an abundance of other amazing benefits for you as well. In fact, the people of Okinawa, which has been identified as one of the top five healthiest places in the world (also known as the Blue Zones), have maintained a daily morning ritual of drinking green tea for centuries. If you’re aiming to join the ranks of the centenarians, maybe it’s time for you to add drinking green tea to your daily routine.


Don’t believe that green tea is a big deal? Let’s take a look at five incredible benefits of green tea that you should know. We’ll prove it to you!


#1: Reduces your risk of cancer.


One of the many great benefits of green tea is that it can help you reduce your risk of cancer. Over time, your cells gain a good deal of oxidative damage. The abundance of antioxidants found in green tea can help fight free radicals and prevent or potentially reverse DNA damage that is caused by oxidative damage.


#2: Provides an energy boost.


Green tea is an amazing source of natural energy in the form of caffeine, making it the perfect morning or pre-workout drink. Although it contains less caffeine compared to coffee, this also makes it a great energy regulator throughout your afternoon, without affecting your sleep quality or giving you the jitters.


#3: Improves your digestion.


If you want to have more enjoyable bathroom breaks, maybe it’s time to add green tea to your daily regimen. Several studies have shown that green tea can improve your digestion and overall bowel health by reducing inflammation.


#4: Promotes weight loss.


Let’s face it – there are so many “proven-effective” ingredients and supplements out there that claim to help you finally get that beach body you’ve been longing for. Unfortunately, most of them fall short.


However, green tea is one of the select few that have been proven to actually aid in weight loss. Studies have shown that green tea helps boost your metabolism, consume fewer calories, and even absorb fewer calories! It’s been especially shown to help you shed the fat in your abdominal area, which is the area that most people struggle with.


#5: Helps you live longer.


As you (should) already know, we all have to die eventually. No one can escape this “grand finale”. However, while green tea can’t grant you immortality, it can actually help you live a longer life! This is due to the fact that drinking green tea aids in reducing the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and many other health ailments.


In a study of more than 40,000 Japanese adults, results showed that those who drank green tea had a 12-23% lower chance of death due to common health concerns. That’s amazing!


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