5 Pilates Moves for Killer Legs

Here’s the thing: summer is so out, and sweats are so in. But that doesn’t mean you have to let your sculpted legs go to waste. Not sure how to stay toned this fall?

If you’re into Pilates, getting leaner legs isn’t as hard as you’d think. Check out these five Pilates moves for killer legs!

  1. Bridge Squeezes with Pilates Ring

Let’s jump right into it. You can get started by laying on the floor and bending your knees with your feet firm on the ground. Be sure to keep your feet hip width apart.

Grab your Pilates ring and place it between your thighs, right above your knees. Make sure that your ankles are lined up with your knees while you squeeze your ring. Lastly, lift your hips upwards until you reach bridge pose.

That’s not all. After squeezing and releasing once, repeat until you’ve finished 10 reps. Here’s the fun part: lower your pelvis when you’re done!

  1. Side Lying Pilates Kicks

Want to try side lying Pilates kicks? Laying down on your side, support your head with one bent arm. The next step is to extend your legs forward while bending slightly at the knee.

Lifting your top leg, straighten it in line with your spine and lift it to hip height. Gently move your leg forward and flex your toes. Finally, bring your leg parallel to your spine again and repeat 20 times on each leg!

  1. Side Lying Pilates Lifts

Starting on your side, support your head on one bent arm as you extend your leg in front of you in a diagonal direction. Lifting and straightening your top leg, bring it up in line with your spine once again.

Pump your leg two feet high toward the sky. Once you drop your leg back down to hip height, lift it up and repeat 20 times on both sides!

  1. Pilates Leg Circles

To get into this position, you’ll want to follow the same first couple of steps as side lying Pilates kicks and lifts. Are you laying on your side with your top leg lifted yet?

If so, try bringing your leg 45 degrees in front of you. Next step: lift it towards the sky and circle it down back to hip height to start over. Remember to make plate-sized circles for this fat-burning move.

Keeping your hips stacked, reverse the direction of your leg circles. Finished one set? Repeat 10 times in both directions and switch legs!

  1. Pilates Wall Squats

Ready for a game-changing move? Try Pilates wall squats. To begin, choose an empty wall and stand against it with a Pilates ball behind your back.

Keeping your feet one foot away from the wall, roll down on your ball until you’re in a squat position. Now: roll yourself back up to standing position. Thought that was easy? Not after repeating it 20 times!

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