5 Reasons Fat Burners Up Your Weight Loss Game

You’ve been absolutely killing it at the gym and watching what you
eat, but you’re not seeing the exact results that you’ve been working
so hard for. Whether you’re trying to lose those stubborn last 10
pounds or are wanting to elevate your wellness and overall well
being, here are 5 reasons to add fat burners into your routine.

What are fat burners?

In short, fat burners are dietary supplements designed to help you
shed unwanted fat. They contain a potent blend of different
ingredients that stimulate processes in your body that in
turn break down fat and allow you to use it as a fuel source. This is
usually achieved by increasing the level of the hormone epinephrine
in your system. Combined with this chemical reaction, fat burners
provide clean energy, improving your focus in mind and body. They
boost your metabolism and body heat generation, or thermogenesis.

#1 Thermogenesis

Thermogenesis is the production of heat in your body. It is a
metabolic process during which your body burns calories to
generate heat. Ingredients such as Caffeine found in High Quality
Green Tea Extract, High Quality Green Coffee Bean and
Chlorogenic Acid have been proven to boost your body’s capacity
to produce heat. This in turn increases your total calorie burn and
results in enhanced weight loss.

#2 Appetite Suppression

The effect here is simple—the fewer calories you consume, the
faster you’ll see results. All fat loss relies on a calorie deficit.
Ingredients such as High Quality Green Tea Extract, Garcinia
Cambogia, and Olive Leaf Extract standardized for Oleuropin
are all amazing natural appetite suppressants that can help curb
cravings and keep your metabolism in check.

#3 Increase Energy

Powerhouse ingredients such as High Quality Green
Tea Extract and High Quality Green Coffee Bean naturally raise
your energy levels while Bacopa Extract assists with mood and
memory. L-Theanine provides “smooth energy” which can help
mitigate the jitters brought on by caffeine and reduces anxiety. With
an energized body and mind, you can make sure to feel focused,
clear headed, and efficient in the office, gym, and everywhere
inbetween with improved brain function and overall better mood.

#4 Increase Metabolism

Your metabolism is an incredibly important biological system and
tool when it comes to weight loss. It controls how quickly you
convert calories that can then be consumed for energy. The higher
your metabolic rate, the more calories you burn throughout the day.
A higher calorie burn rate combined with increased thermogenesis
means you’ll reach your #goals all the sooner. Raspberry Ketones
have been shown to assist the body in breaking down fat cells more
efficiently while also increasing levels of adiponectin, a hormone
that regulates metabolism for an Ultra Burn.

#5 Support Lean Muscle Growth

With all of the workouts you’ve been putting in, the last thing you
want to do is lose that hard-earned muscle along with the fat. Make
sure your fat burner contains something with CLA, or Conjugated
Linoleic Acid with supports lean muscle growth.
Remember, not all fat burners are created equal. Some can even be
harmful. It is incredibly important that you choose a fat burner with
natural, authentic ingredients that will make you feel as great as you
look! If you’re looking for a natural, effective fat burner that can
assist you in your fitness journey, make sure to check out our Nutrii
Ultra Burn + Energy, now with Bioperine for increased absorption
of all of the good stuff!