5 Reasons to Give Yoga a Shot

In positive recent news, more and more people are turning their attention toward their health – whether for looks or self-development – which is leading them to explore their options when it comes to being more active.


While running, hiking, lifting, playing sports, or simply walking around the neighborhood are all great methods of exercise, yoga is yet another great option to consider.


Yes, it’s a very good way of improving one’s physical health, but yoga comes with a few additional benefits for the body, mind, and spirit as well. If you’re looking for a new way to be active in your daily routine, perhaps you should consider yoga. Let’s take a look at five great reasons to give yoga a shot.


#1: Yoga helps you relax and de-stress.


In today’s world, stress levels are at an all-time high. Modern society is built on the premises of “busy is good”, which consists of constant notifications, meetings, tasks, to-do’s, and much more. Arguably, one of the greatest benefits of yoga is that it helps you to naturally relax and de-stress from all the hecticness of the world. Yoga trains your mind to focus on one thought and movement at a time, rather than attempting to multitask.


#2: Yoga is an amazing “beginner’s” workout.


Whereas there tends to be a considerable amount of competitive thinking in sports, weight lifting, and even running, yoga is a practice that removes any and all calls for judgment or competition. Instead, yoga follows a “come as you are” principle where all levels of yogis workout together and support one another equally. If you’ve been having a hard time sticking to a workout plan due to intimidation, yoga may be a better option for you to try.


#3: Yoga is actually a fat-scorching activity.


Because yoga tends to be all about slow movements and relaxation, many people believe that yoga is an ineffective way to burn calories. On the contrary, however, it is actually very effective. In fact, just one hour of yoga (depending on the type) can burn up to 500 calories! Try yoga, and you’ll see exactly why it’s an effective workout. Although movements are slow and relaxed, it will leave you with a good sweat.


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#4: Yoga is free and convenient.


Because yoga requires very little in terms of equipment, you can do it virtually anywhere you go, as long as you have an open floor/field space. Yes, a yoga mat is a nice addition, but completely optional. If you do prefer to workout in a group, the great news is that the yoga industry is growing very rapidly, so the chances of you finding a local yoga studio in even the most remote cities is fairly likely.


#5: Yoga helps you build more meaningful relationships.


Yoga is not only great for your mind, body, and spirit, but for your social life as well. Because yoga helps you to destress and have a better understanding and control of your thoughts and emotions, you’ll have the ability to foster stronger and healthier relationships with new and old friends and loved ones. Plus, with more than 20 million yogis in the U.S. alone, you’re bound to make some new friends while you’re yoga-ing it up on the mat.