6 Holistic Hangover Cures That Will Give You Life

When was the last time you were hit with a killer hangover? Chances are, there’s not enough ibuprofen in the world to cure that pounding headache. So, what do you do?

Luckily for you, we’ve figured out exactly what you need to get back on your feet. Take a look at six holistic hangover cures that will give you life!

1). Coconut Water

What causes hangovers? According to Dr. Mona Vand, “What alcohol essentially does to your body is dehydrate it… which ultimately means that the kidneys are not able to absorb as much water.”

Okay, so why drink coconut water? Dr. Vand advises: “Drinking fresh coconut water, in particular, is really going to help rehydrate you and replenish those electrolytes that you lost.”

2). Milk Thistle Tea

Ever tried milk thistle tea? Surprisingly, this special kind of tea is wonderful for cleansing out your liver after a long night out. Plus, it can remove toxins from your body too.

Want to know the best part? Dr. Vand spills that milk thistle tea will “naturally protect your body from the repercussions of drinking, and on top of that, it will also help lessen the dreaded hangover symptoms.” Not bad, right?

3). Lemon Ginger Tonic

Everyone knows that ginger tastes great, but did you know it was a natural hangover cure? Incredibly, ginger has been used for many years to cure vomiting, nausea, and more.

Want to try this homeopathic remedy? Just chop fresh ginger into tiny pieces and throw it into a cup of hot water. Too lazy to slice and dice?

Solution: Drop your ginger into a blender for a quick mince. Next, squeeze a dash of lemon into your cup of ginger and hot water. Enjoy!

4). Green Smoothies

Let’s get real: It might be hard to stomach drinking a green smoothie when your tummy is still churning from last night. However, “one of the worst things you can do is starve yourself during a hangover and not fuel your body with nourishing food,” says Dr. Vand.

Need a hand? Follow Dr. Vand’s recipe: “Add in two cups spinach, one cup kale, one stalk celery, half a cup filtered water, half a cup coconut water, half a banana, one apple (sliced), juice of one lemon, and a few slices of fresh turmeric.” Bon appétit!

5). Quick Workouts

How many of us actually want to wiggle into our leggings after a massive hangover? Pretty much no one. Despite this fact, Dr. Vand suggests that “adding in some light movement can make all the difference.”

It’s super easy: Just spend 20 minutes walking around the block or stretching on your yoga mat. You’ll feel good as new in no time!

6). Hot Showers

Here comes the fun part: Taking a hot shower when you’re hungover. For most of us, this part is surprisingly easy to do. Having trouble finding the motivation? Take a hot bath instead!

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