6 Steps to Ease Tension for Families Still Stuck in Lockdown

Spending time together with your family can be good for your health and well-being. Being in lockdown together for months on end, however, can be the perfect recipe for tension, fights and general chaos. If your household has been feeling tense, anxious and just generally out of sorts lately, know that you’re not alone. Also know that there are some fairly simple and very practical steps you can take to reduce some of that bad energy, and maybe even get your family back to having fun together!   


Start Taking Supplements


If you’ve been feeling overly anxious lately, supplements can be a great way to find some relief. One option is adding a CBD wax to your daily routine, so long as you choose one with the right potency, taste and responsiveness. CBD wax is gaining in popularity with folks using it to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and inflammation. However, if you want a bigger boost for your well-being, check out Nutrii’s selection of health and wellness supplements.


Focus on Health, Not Fitness


Adding supplements to your life can decrease stress and boost your exercise performance, but you should try to avoid making fitness a focus of your overall wellness priorities. Instead, try to center your fitness routines around your overall health, so that you will get the physical activity you need without overdoing it. This can include improving your diet, which we’ll cover next, but of course, should include developing an exercise routine you know you will stick with at home.


Eat Stress-Relieving Foods


Cleaning up your diet can certainly make losing weight and staying in top health easier, especially when you are stuck inside and unable to get to the gym. If lockdown has you feeling anxious and tense, however, your diet can also help to improve these symptoms. That’s because eating certain foods can either increase or decrease feelings of stress and anxiety. So try to stick with meals and snacks that balance out your mood, rather than making it worse.


Play More Video Games


Okay, so this one may come as a shock, especially for parents. But if your kids are acting out, they could simply be bored or even stressed about school. To help them relieve tension, and enjoy quality time as a family, try allotting some time for video games. This will require a reliable and swift internet connection, but Verizon has your home covered. You can play games like Fortnite together to ease boredom, or you can even use games to connect with loved ones.


Make Sure You Take Screen Breaks


Playing games can be a great way for your family to blow off steam. Games can even be social tools if you choose the right ones. Even so, it’s still wise to put limits on the amount of time you and your family spend staring at your screens. Regular screen breaks may calm some of your feelings of anxiety, plus it’s more than likely you’ll all find it much easier to focus on work, school and other responsibilities. Putting screens down at night can be even more important


Make Better Sleep a Priority


In addition to more stress, families are getting a lot less sleep these days. If your family seems cranky and sensitive, a lack of sleep could be to blame. Fewer screens and electronics  before bed could help you improve the quality and duration of your sleep, but you can also try other routine tweaks for a much-needed sleep boost. Make sure your family wakes up on a regular schedule, even on weekends, and also make sure you get enough exercise.


Too much of any good thing can be, well, a little too much. So when your family seems tired, bored or stressed by your current routine, try shaking things up. Look for effective and perhaps even fun ways to get rid of any boredom or tension. Then you can look forward to more quality time with your loved ones as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.


Photo Credit: Rawpixel