7 Ways to Sleep Better (Naturally!)

Put your hands in the air if you’ve had a good night’s sleep recently. For the rest of us, falling asleep fast is a lot more challenging than it looks. Want to know our secrets?  

Instead of swallowing sleeping pills, there are tons of natural remedies to help you hit the hay harder. Here are seven ways to sleep better (naturally!)

  1. Set a Solid Sleep Schedule

This might sound like old news, but setting a solid sleep schedule really works. To get started, try getting anywhere from seven to eight hours of rest each night.

On top of that, crawling to bed at a set time is key too. Prepare to kiss insomnia goodbye!

  1. Watch What You Drink and Eat

Fact: what you drink or eat right before bedtime makes a huge impact on your quality of sleep. That’s because binge eating snacks and guzzling caffeine can keep you up all night.  Don’t forget to put that wineglass down as well -  it could wake you up later on in the evening.

  1. Turn Your Room Into a Sleep Sanctuary

Turn your room to sleep sanctuary by doing the following:

  • Shutting down devices at night
  • Keeping the shades closed
  • Putting your smartphone on vibration mode

Buy soothing blankets and pillows to make your sleep time even more relaxing!

  1. Create a Bedtime Ritual

Create a bedtime ritual that works for your needs. Whether it’s streaming classical tunes, drawing a warm bath, or hopping on your yoga mat, your calming routine should be more than enough to make you drowsy every time.

  1. Stay Away From Daytime Naps

This one is hard: stay away from daytime naps. In case you didn’t know, this can prevent you from getting a full night of zzz’s.

However, we’re not saying that you should never take a daytime nap. Just limit it to 30 minutes instead!

  1. Break a Sweat More Often

Having a tough time crashing out tonight?

We can’t emphasize this enough: break a sweat more often. When you stretch out your muscles, your body produces something called endorphins, which boost happiness levels and reduce stress.

These will help you rest properly at night. Clearly, sleeping and exercising are a match made in heaven. To even your odds, getting enough sunlight and air every day will also help you fall asleep faster.

  1. Feel Your Feelings

This might seem strange, but feeling your feelings might actually help you rest better. Who doesn’t deal with it a ton of “emotional baggage” every day? Sadly enough, these fears can keep you up all night long.

To combat this, try to practice a nightly journaling routine before bed. Then, place it onto your bedside table. You can always address what’s bothering you in the morning.

Still not able to turn your brain off at night? You might want to talk to a life coach or therapist for additional help!

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