9 natural alternatives to botox

Botox is one of the most popular nonsurgical procedures in the country. Over 6 million Botox treatments are administered every year!

While Botox has many benefits, from reducing wrinkles and fine lines to even migraine prevention, it’s not for everyone. Whether you’re pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or have a phobia of needles, there are plenty of natural alternatives to botox that can leave you looking refreshed and revived. And yes, they actually work:

  1. Pineapple and Lemon Juice Chemical Peel: Pineapple and lemon juices contain natural acids that brighten and smooth the skin. All you need is some freshly-squeezed lemon and pineapple juice and a few balls of cotton. Swipe an even layer over your face and neck and allow to dry for 10 minutes before rinsing and moisturizing.
  2. Brown Sugar: Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a botox and microdermabrasion spree, take advantage of some no-nonsense brown sugar. Use this common cupboard staple’s exfoliating properties to remove dead skin cells and reveal a polished, even, complexion.
  3. Red Raspberry Seed Oil: Red raspberry seed oil is another fantastic alternative to botox. Not only does it act as a natural sunscreen, it also fights wrinkles and premature aging. Apply this noncomedogenic oil to your face and take advantage of its antioxidant, collagen, and elastin boosting properties.
  4. Manuka Honey: Manuka honey is not only delicious but has been known to bolster tissue regeneration! It is often recommended post-surgery to reduce scarring and treat superficial burns. Apply Manuka honey to the face weekly for an antioxidant-rich facial mask.
  5. Virgin Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil: Derived from the Sea Buckthorn berry, this oil is chock-full of powerful antioxidants like Vitamin E and lycopene as well as fatty acids such as alpha lipoid acid and resveratrol, a powerful skin-brightening agent.
  6. Camelina Oil: Another secret to firmer, brighter, skin is using a proper moisturizer. Enter Camelina oil, which contains Vitamin E and omega oils and prevents free radical damage while also improving overall skin tone. Massage Camelina oil into the skin daily and appreciate its mild, floral, aroma.
  7. Cosmetic Acupuncture: A non-invasive procedure that is purported to reduce signs of aging. It is often referred to as an “acupuncture facelift” or “facial rejuvenation.” Acupuncture has been used to circulate invisible energy throughout the body and restore the flow of this energy to improve health. Cosmetic acupuncture stimulates collagen production and can also manage stress and chronic pain.
  8. Topical Vitamin C Oil: The number one cause that leads women to spend millions on botox worldwide is the slow degradation of collagen in the skin. Collagen is what keeps our skin looking full, plumped, and firm, but over time this breaks down and leads to unwanted lines and wrinkles. Topical vitamin C has been proved to combat collagen degradation. In addition to adding vitamin C into your diet, topical vitamin C promotes collagen formation and reduction of free radicals.
  9. Collagen Supplement: You’ve probably sick of hearing about collagen by now but honestly, it’s 100% worth the hype. Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and is responsible for making your skin look plump, full, and glowing. As we age, our body becomes less efficient at producing collagen, resulting in less-than-fresh looking skin. To combat this, it’s important to introduce collagen into your diet on a daily basis.

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