How Bosses Can Create a Culture of Self-Care at the Workplace

If you’re new to business ownership and wondering how you can encourage team productivity, one important priority for you should be encouraging self-care practices for your employees, both at work and in their personal lives. Tempting though it may be to focus solely on increasing engagement and getting more out of your employees, this simply isn’t a great approach to management. That’s why Nutrii has assembled these tips to get you on the right track.

So, what does good employee management look like?

There are lots of different approaches to being a good boss. When finding an approach that works well for you, several factors will come into play: the nature of your business, the needs of your teams, and of course your own talents and temperament. Nevertheless, there are some characteristics that you should try to aim for, as you develop a managerial style. It’s important to listen to and respect the needs of your employees. Instead of pushing them aggressively, a good boss encourages and empowers them. And a good manager invests in their workers’ well-being, too.

The importance of being present for your employees.

Employees may often feel wary about advocating for themselves or going to you with requests or concerns, so it’s important to make it crystal clear to them that they are welcome to do so. And when they do approach you, make a point of active listening. Should they come to you sharing their concerns about the workplace or even how you’re managing the company, don’t brush them off. Take time with them so you understand where they are coming from. If their complaints are valid, be ready to accept it, and change your approach if needed. If you feel their complaints are unmerited, talk it over with them. It’s extremely important for your team members to know that they can tell you about issues in their personal lives that may be holding them back at work, too.

Being present also means addressing tangible problems as quickly as possible. For instance, if the office is in need of new equipment or you need to enlist local plumbing services, do so quickly and without complaint. The point is to do what you can to create a work environment that is efficient, sure, but also pleasant.

Creating a company culture of self-care.

Once you are more aware of your employees’ needs, it will be easier to create a company culture in which everyone feels comfortable with tending to their own needs as well as focusing on being creative, productive, and collaborative. Building wellness and self-care practices into the structure of your business, and the daily schedule in your workplace, helps make this possible.

Some ways you can encourage wellness at work include offering healthy meals, snacks, and supplements, allowing your employees to operate on flexible schedules, and setting up a workout room or fitness center on the premises. You could also offer free yoga, or other fitness-related classes, for your team members. Keep the atmosphere in the workplace energized and relaxed by arranging casual company events, such as dress-up days, trivia hours, or movie screenings.

Some self-care ideas to encourage.

If your employees spend time caring for themselves at home, they will come to work feeling less stressed, and more ready to commit to projects. Consider pursuing self-care routines yourself, too, so you can motivate your team members to do likewise. If you are struggling in some areas of your life, you may benefit from working with a therapist to find solutions.

Self-care practices you can do on your own include meditation, taking time in the peace of nature, and listening to your favorite music. And don’t forget self-care basics like staying hydrated, taking mini-breaks, and getting enough sleep.

Making sure your employees are happy and fulfilled is simply the right thing to do. You’ll feel better about doing it. And this is part of how you create a healthy company culture, more productive teams, and better business growth overall.

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