How Does Your Collagen Stack Up?

Want to know how your collagen stacks up? Like many things, not all collagens are equal, and just because it is more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s superior. There are quite a few Collagen supplements on the market and it can be challenging to know which one is best. Don’t worry #NutriiFam we have your back!

Let’s take a look at the 4 Ps!

  1. Potency
  2. Premium Ingredients
  3. Peptide Source
  4. P- Taste (haha okay, we ran out of P’s!)


How potent is your hair, skin, and nails supplement? Obviously, the more “potent” the better.

How many ingredients does your collagen have in it? Some collagens only have 1 ingredient. Collagen! Seems okay though right? Wrong! The more HIGH QUALITY ingredients, the better the results!

What makes Nutrii unique?

Our collagen has 23 ingredients that work synergistically to improve the formulation!

Ingredient highlight: Our Super Premium Collagen + HSN includes BioPerine, which enhances absorption of some ingredients up to 2000%. This means that not only are you getting the benefits from all 23 ingredients inside, your maximizing the effects by up to 2,000%!!

Premium Ingredients:

It goes without saying that including ingredients from the most premium sources is best. Unfortunately, not all companies put premium over profits.

What makes Nutrii unique?

We don’t skimp on anything! “Can I get a Hallelujah!”... In all seriousness, the source of the ingredients makes all of the difference. Our number one company value is, Quality. “We take great pride in the high-quality products we develop.  Each of our supplements is sourced from the most pure and effective ingredients available.” Which leads us into our next P...

Peptide Source:

As you may know Collagen is made up of peptides. There are many sources of peptides that can be used, and you guessed it- they are NOT all equal. Most are inferior and some are trendy and fun, but not better. Don’t give into the hype.

What makes Nutrii unique?

Our collagen is sourced from the best grass fed hydrolyzed peptide sources.

What is Hydrolyzed? Simple put, it is broken down to be readily available and easily digestible. Consuming hydrolyzed peptides has been shown to allow your body to maximize benefits from collagen.

Why is Grass Fed better? You know how nutritionists tell you over and over that, for some foods, it really does matter whether you eat organic or not? It's the same thing here, and when it comes to collagen, you definitely want to go grass-fed. In short, the better the original source, the better the collagen peptides will be for you.


Have you ever tried a Collagen and well... it tasted like nothing, or not very good? Us too, and we weren’t a fan. Why not make something that you actually look forward to drinking every day? So, we did!

What makes Nutrii unique?

We made flavor just as important as creating the very best formulation. In our opinion if you don’t look forward to drinking your collagen you just won’t do it consistently; therefore not getting all of the benefits.

We tried dozens of flavors before picking our two favorites: Blueberry Pomegranate & Vanilla! You’re going to love them!

Ingredient Highlight: Our sweeteners! We only use natural stevia sweeteners in our products!


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