How Meditation Can Help Men Become More Alpha

In the male community, especially for the alpha males of the bunch, mindfulness and meditation are rarely ever regarded as a way to become more of a “man”. This is because alpha men are typically described as being men of power, influence, brute strength, and undying and relentless courage. When discussing alpha men, many people of influential people and characters such as Dwayne Johnson, Martin Luther King, Jr., and even King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) from the movie 300.


However, one of the greatest traits of alpha men – and what many people fail to mention – is the ability to stay calm, composed, and confident in even the most trying of times and situations. This trait of alpha men has nothing to do with being tall, having muscles, or having influence. Rather, it is simply a state of mindfulness in which a man understands that he is always in control of his situation, no matter how good or bad it may be.


This calm and confident mindfulness, my friends, can be achieved through the means of proper meditation. Meditation can be loosely defined as a regular practice of being mindful and aware of our inner being. In the long run, this helps to make a person more confident, composed, and in control of his feelings, all of which fit the description of an alpha male.


If you’re still not convinced, let’s take a look at just how meditation can help men become more alpha than beta. You’ll be ready to give meditation a try by the time you’ve read this.


Meditation Helps You Deal With Stress Better


Again, one of the most profound traits of an alpha male is that he doesn’t waver or buckle in the face of stress and trying times. Well, meditation is directly linked with an ability to remain calm and collected in otherwise high-stress situations. In fact, there is medical evidence that backs this statement. In today’s fast-paced world, people’s cortisol (the stress hormone) levels are higher than ever before. The more cortisol you have, the more stressed you’ll feel even when there’s nothing to stress about.


Meditation is known to reduce levels of cortisol, which reduces your stress. So if you meditate more often, you’ll be less stressed and capable of handling troubling times better.


Meditation Helps You Control Your Emotions


Following suit of the last point, an alpha male is known to be calm, collected, and seldom show emotions of fear, anxiety, sadness, or anger. If you have trouble with controlling your emotions, this is a sign of a beta male, which is just another term for a male who is not in control, let alone in control of his own emotions.


When you meditate, you learn the practice of effectively controlling your emotions so that you’re less emotionally responsive to situations that you’re in. This will help you become an alpha male and a better and more confident leader for the people around you.


Meditation Helps You to Focus Better


When you think of an alpha male, surely you don’t picture a man who is anxious and scatterbrained, jumping from task to task or conversation to conversation. When you meditate, you are basically learning how to focus your attention on your own internal dialogue, aka your own thoughts. In the moment of meditation, there is no past or future, only you in the moment, accepting thoughts as they arise.


Over time, meditation will teach you to apply a bit of cognitive filtering of negative emotions, worries, anxieties, fears, distractions, or random thoughts, which allows you to fully focus on the task or conversation at hand.


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