How to Cure Acne with Tea Tree Oil (The Right Way)

It begins with the feeling of dead skin cells, oil production, clogged bacteria, and backed-up pores. Yes, my friends, we’re talking about the ingredients that make acne so vicious. But what on earth does all of this have to do with tea tree oil?

Fair question. If you’re anything like us, then putting crazy chemicals on your skin is a big no-no. Find out how to cure acne with tea tree oil (the right way!)

What Causes Acne?

Whether you’re an adult or an adolescent, getting an acne breakout can be as confusing as it is embarrassing. Even though it’s more popular in teens, acne can attack anyone, anytime, anywhere. Now, let’s get down to the bottom of it.

What causes acne? In a nutshell, we have hormonal imbalances, stress, bacteria, and too much oil to blame. The result is this – a whole bunch of clogged up hair follicles that become filled with oil and dead skin.

Once this happens, don’t be surprised to see the following skin conditions turn up:

  • Pimples
  • Whiteheads
  • Blackheads
  • Cysts
  • Nodules

Where does acne usually show up? Coming and going as it pleases, acne can appear on your shoulders, chest, back, neck, and face. The worst part is that it leaves acne scars in the process, which can cause emotional issues as well.

That’s where tea tree oil comes in!

How Does Tea Tree Oil Cure Acne?

Now that we all what really causes acne breakouts, it’s time to learn about how tea tree oil works to cure it. Originating from the so-called “tea tree,” tea tree oil is gathered from its roots via a distillation cycle. Celebrated as a multi-purpose household product, tea tree oil can be used to do everything from healing wounds to cleaning the home.

But here’s the kicker: tea tree oil is exceptionally good at treating severe cases of acne. Better yet, tea tree oil lets you kill two (or more) birds with one stone, especially since it can be used to treat insect bites, athlete’s foot, and nail fungus too.

Does tea tree oil work on acne? The answer is yes. Containing antibacterial properties like terpenes, tea tree oils can soothe and clean your skin at the same exact time.

Even scientists agree that using face wash infused with tea tree can make a world of difference for those with moderate to mild acne!

Treating Acne with Tea Tree Oil

Drumroll, please…if you’re sick and tired of dealing with bad skin, then treating acne with tea tree oil is much more effective than you’d think. Don’t know how to begin? All that you need is a few household ingredients to get this party started.

Head to your kitchen and grab a tiny bowl. Add aloe vera gel, tea tree oil, and argan oil. After you blend it up, slather on this mixture pre-slumber and wash it off in the morning for maximum results!

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