How to Fight Jet Lag Like a Pro

Here’s the deal: dark eye circles and puffy calves are not a cute look for your first vacation selfie. Especially when jet lag hits as soon as you land at your holiday destination.

So, why not find a natural way to win your battle against fatigue? Give your Advil and coffee a break and find out how to fight jet lag like a pro!


What Causes Jet Lag?

Why do we get jet lagged in the first place? When you travel on an airplane, your circadian rhythm is totally thrown off. That means that your biological clock goes completely haywire, making it harder to wake up and sleep at the right times.

The solution? For most people, a nice, hot cup of coffee will do the trick. However, this common life hack is actually making your jet lag worse, not better.

Why is this important? Because the more caffeine you add to your body, the more your circadian rhythm goes off the rails!

Here’s what you should do: try sipping on a glass of decaf tea. That way, your body will be soothed and hydrated at the same time. When you land, adjust to the time change and stay away from extra cups of joe.

But what are some other natural jet lag elixirs?


Natural Jet Lag Elixirs

Have you ever heard of an “adaptogen?” Surprisingly, this popular tonic has been the key to regulating nervous systems since it was discovered in ancient China.

Not only are adaptogens great for reducing your stress levels, but they can also help you get a good night’s rest too.

One of the best adaptogens to combat jet lag is ashwaganda. This miraculous herb is perfect for catching up on beauty rest on your flight.

That’s why we highly recommend that you bring our Organic Super Greens supplement in your carry-on to get your ashwaganda fix!

We can’t emphasize this enough: while adaptogens are super healthy for you, they’re also quite strong. Bottom line? Get your doctor’s approval before you get totally blissed out on adaptogens!


More Homeopathic Remedies

Did you know that increasing your exposure to artificial light can cure jet lag? Amazingly, bright light therapy can speed up your body’s recovery time by resetting your biological clock.

Want to see for yourself? Set aside a time in the early morning or afternoon to do your bright light therapy. When you’re ready, grab a desk lamp or infrared UV box to get started. Expect to feel rejuvenated in no time!

Looking for more homeopathic remedies for jet lag? Then you should try a melatonin supplement. Why? Because melatonin helps your body to readjust your circadian rhythm and adapt to your new surroundings. Plus, you only need 0.5 milligrams to feel refreshed after a long trip.

Now that you know what causes jet lag and how to beat it naturally, you should have no trouble arriving at your vacay in style!

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