How to Keep Your Locks LUSCIOUS This Summer

“Beachy” hair sounds great in theory...until you are sacrificing an hour of your time brushing the knots out. So much time is spent outside in the summertime, but how does all that sun exposure affect your hair?


The UV rays of the sun can damage your hair cuticles—the outermost, protective covering of the hair—during prolonged sun exposure. You may protect your skin from UV rays by applying sunblock, and your eyes by wearing sunglasses, but your hair is one (major) part of the body that often goes unprotected!


Don’t sacrifice your smooth, healthy hair for some time in the sun! Avoid sweat-collected, dry, damaged hair with these helpful ways to maintain your hair health throughout summertime!


Don’t Rely on a Towel Dry

Swimming in the summertime can be like paradise (and a great exercise too!), but leaving your hair wet from the pool causes it to be more vulnerable to potential damage. Instead of half-drying your soaked hair with a beach towel, or even worse, harshly brushing it out, use conditioner to gently detangle and clean your hair. Then, dry it with a blow dryer or let it dry naturally, creating beachy (but nourished!) waves.


Let Your Hair Down

Let’s face it, we sweat. Especially with all the time spent outside in the heat, being active exercising or doing yard work, sometimes the quickest way to get your hair out of your face is by tying it up in a knotted bun. It is easy to get into the cycle of not wanting to brush out/style your hair, tying it up in a bun, and repeating every day. Sure, a messy bun can be a great hairstyle in a pinch, but what effect does that have on your hair health?

Constantly wearing your hair up in a bun or ponytail causes tension and friction that pulls at your hairline and causes breakage. So next time you go to throw your hair up in a messy-do, consider letting it down, lightly spraying it with water occasionally to cool it off.


Plus: Your hair is already being exposed to high temperatures in the summertime. Avoid using hot tools like hair straighteners or curlers.

Instead, learn to love your natural hair!


Avoid Harmful Products

Hair products contain long lists of chemicals that, when exposed to certain substances or circumstances, may have negative reactions.

Overusing hairspray can cause build-up and lead your hair to be more frizzy. Hairspray’s stickiness allows pollen, sweat, and dirt to nest in your hair.

Many other hair products, including hairspray, contain alcohol. Alcohol dries out your hair regardless of the time of year, but when exposed to the sun, it only gets drier. Make sure to read the ingredients on the back of your favorite hair products— they could be more damaging than you think.


There are some products, however, that help nourish your hair in the summertime!


Replenish Your Hair With Collagen!

Whether you have short hair, long hair, curly or straight, collagen creates strong, healthy, voluminous hair that can survive—and strive!— in the summertime. Collagen contains some of the amino acids that build up the primary protein in your hair: keratin. Taking collagen supplements may promote hair growth to happen faster and fuller. Not only does collagen strengthen your hair, but its elasticity also promotes anti-aging by hydrating your skin, leaving it wrinkle-free and smooth.


Now you can enjoy the sunshine and summertime without sacrificing your luscious locks!


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