How to Support a Loved One During a Pandemic Pregnancy

Throughout almost all of human history, pregnancies have been a group effort. Yes, the person who’s actually carrying the child has to do the majority of the work, but it’s work that simply cannot be done alone. This is so true—so inexorably linked to the human experience—that historians and scientists credit pregnancy care to the creation of society itself. Women who had help were far more likely to survive the experience, along with the child they birthed. In short, our world was built on being there for new and expecting moms.


In the midst of a pandemic, however, our ability to help has been stymied substantially. The traditional methods of being there for someone—knocking out chores, making meals, lending a hand with the newborn—all hinge on actually being there. When meeting in person puts parents and babies at serious risk, we have to find other ways to help. Nutrii shares some pandemic-safe ideas for how to care for your pregnant loved one.


Give Gifts


Stocking up on necessities—as well as treats—can help new parents manage during a tough time:



Run Errands


Many new parents choose to “quarantine” in the weeks before and after birth. You can help make this possible by running errands on their behalf:


  • Offer to pick up groceries while they’re staying close to home.
  • If the baby comes ahead of schedule, they may not have their car seat installed yet. While they’re in the hospital, you could take it to a certified installer on their behalf.
  • It’s okay if you’re not comfortable going out, either. In that case, look into grocery or meal delivery services to make things easier for them.


Lend an Ear


Pregnancy and early parenthood are always stressful, but they’re harder now than ever before. Offer to help carry your loved ones’ emotional load:


  • Isolation is a major issue for new parents, especially now.
  • Checking in periodically can help remind them they have support, and can also help detect signs of postpartum depression.
  • Let your loved one guide the conversation, whether they’d prefer to chat for a minute or two or really dive into how they’re feeling. Ask the right questions—they may just need to vent.


We have to find new ways to support one another during COVID-19, but it’s still possible. Focus on what your expecting loved ones need, and if you’re not sure, just ask. This is a challenging time, but we’ll get through it by honoring one another's needs as safely as possible.


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