Improve Immunity With These 3 Yoga Moves

Question: to be quite honest, who wouldn’t want to increase their immunity right now? Between social distancing and sheltering in place, you probably have more than enough time to test your flexibility too.

From fueling yourself with vitamins to ramping up your fitness routine, you can also boost your immune system with yoga. While you’re at it, read on to learn how to improve immunity with these three yoga moves!

Yoga Pose One

Don’t know how to expand your immunity and wellness during the health crisis?

Sian Gordon Fujikawa, founder of Love Yoga, shares that “the best way to avoid getting sick is to up your immune function. Living in solitude and fear degrades our immunity. Eat dark, leafy greens, laugh with your loved ones, and do these three yoga moves daily for an immune boost.”

To begin your first yoga pose, Sian advises you to “sit well and bring one hand to your heart, one hand out like you are waltzing. Start to pump your breath out in kapalabhati—short, sharp exhales through the nose. Don’t worry about the inhale; it’s automatic. As you pump your breath, switch hands and tap your chest, the seat of your thymus gland. This will stimulate your immune response. Practice for 1-2 minutes,” Sian says.

Yoga Pose Two

Now that you’re feeling nice and relaxed, it’s time to practice yoga pose two.

For this second move, Sian guides you to “bring your left arm over and around your right arm as many times as you can into an eagle wrap. Turn your chin and fit it over your left shoulder. Lift your elbows high and swallow a few times as you breathe deeply. This will flush the thyroid gland at the base of your neck. Repeat with the right elbow on top and head over the right shoulder.”

Between yoga poses, there’s nothing wrong with taking a break to journal any thoughts or inspirations that come your way. To deepen your practice, pick a meaningful mantra to chant as you continue your low-impact workout.

Yoga Pose Three

After activating your immunity with the first couple of poses, you might feel like you need to wind down.

To do so, Sian suggests that you “grab your opposing elbow, cupping the tip of the elbow into the center of the palm. Place forearms into the pit of the belly as you fold over your legs into a child’s pose. Breath deeply into the back body for 1-2 minutes.”

Once you complete the final pose, it’s highly beneficial to lay on your mat in Savasana, or corpse pose, for several minutes. While you practice meditating, think about what physical or emotional goals brought you to your mat in the first place.

Regardless of where you’re at in your practice, continuing to try these three yoga poses on the regular can give you the immunity boost you deserve!

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