Lose the Quarantine 15 With These Metabolism-Boosting Moves


If the only thing that boosts your heart rate is watching the big reveal on Home Edit nowadays, you’re in the right place. Meet your metabolism, folks (you know, that thing that builds lean muscles).

Are you ready for your revenge body this season? Prepare to lose the quarantine 15 with these metabolism-boosting moves!


Why Movement Is Important

On top of keeping you tight and toned, exercise is an excellent way to boost your heart rate. That’s why cardiorespiratory training might be the cure to your lockdown-induced snack cravings. In addition to creating long, lean muscles, your metabolism can also improve your basal metabolic rate.

For the uninitiated, your basal metabolic rate controls the amount of calories you can burn on a daily basis. The best part is that you can raise your basal metabolic rate with any type of physical activity that you take on.

To burn calories quickly, simply grab a set of dumbbells and set your timer for 10 minutes. Then, take on an interval-style set by:

  • Moving for 40 seconds and resting for 20 seconds
  • Repeating five moves for 5 different rounds
  • Resting in between each set of five exercises

Easy as that!


Movement Number One

And now, it’s time to try out movement number one: the squat and squat jump. As an advanced move, squat jumps can keep your heart rate high and help you to develop more muscle at the same time.

To begin, put two dumbbells on the ground and get into a wide stance. Shifting your hips back into “chair pose” as you squat, squeeze your glutes and abs during every movement (this keeps your form on point). Then, sit into your squat and carefully drop your weights on the ground.

For those of you who need a modification, we’ve got your back. Instead of jumping, try your best to complete a squat using your bodyweight as resistance. Next, squat down to the ground, pick up your weights, and keep it moving until you see results!


Movement Number Two

Here’s where it gets hard: the row and mountain climbers move.

Even though everyone hates doing this exercise, no one complains about how they look when they’re finished. That being said, this movement involves both cardio and strength to stabilize your muscles.

Once you’ve hyped yourself up enough to get into “plank pose,” place your hands on your weights and keep your feet spread apart. Then, engage your back and core muscles to row with one weight while driving your elbow toward your spine. Now, put your weight back onto the ground and do a handful of mountain climbers.

For a modification, complete a set of five “plank knee driver” moves first. When you’re done mentally climbing Mount Everest, start the row move with your opposite arm and do another set of mountain climbers. Just remember to keep your core tight, alright?

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