Maximize Your Free Time to Lose Weight

Losing weight is difficult at any age. While there are no legitimate ways to lose weight overnight, a weight-loss regimen that combines healthy eating and regular exercise is the best approach you can follow.


However, even sticking to this kind of routine becomes hard when you’re dealing with a stressful job or a medical condition that prevents you from taking part in strenuous workouts. Here are some ways you can start to lose weight without relying on a challenging workout routine.


Use your time wisely


The most effective way to lose weight is through a combination of regular cardiovascular exercise and healthy eating. If your free time is extremely limited, you should still do what you can to work out, even if it is only half an hour a day. However, it is important that you use the time you do have wisely. Focusing on weight lifting and other “bulking” methods of exercise will not do much toward helping you lose weight. Instead, choose a cardio activity, like running or biking. Biking is less strenuous on your joints than running, and it can help you work out for longer. Plus, you can easily increase the difficulty by choosing a biking path with hills, or by increasing your speed. Of course, you can also use a stationary bike at your local gym if it’s more convenient. Modern stationary bike models often provide multiple difficulty settings, as well as screens you can watch to make it seem like you actually are covering ground.


Finally, one of the lowest impact forms of cardio can also be useful for you. Swimming is a great way to get your heart rate up without putting much strain on your arms, legs, or any other part of the body. To get the most out of your limited workout time, whether you choose to run, bike, or swim (or some other exercise that heavily relies on aerobics), make sure your technique is correct. Proper technique will help you burn the most calories while keeping your body in a healthy condition and minimizing the chances of injury.


If you’d prefer to work out from home, an extra bedroom or rarely used dining room can make a great home fitness space. There are countless workout videos available for free on YouTube so you can learn the right techniques whether you’re lifting weights or practicing yoga. If your internet connection isn’t up to par, research which internet type is the fastest in your city and upgrade your service.


Monitor your meals


Simply working out is not enough to lose weight. If you exercise regularly, but still rely on fast food restaurants and processed foods for your meals each day, it is not likely that you will experience much weight loss. Instead, do your best to transition to a diet based on home-cooked meals. By cooking food at home, you can monitor and regulate the amount of oil, salt, and sugar that goes into each dish. You can also make it a point to focus each meal on healthy greens and other vegetables, rather than fatty or carbohydrate-filled foods.


Pay particular attention to the macrobiotic properties of the foods you consume. The bacteria that live in your gut are extremely important both for your digestion and your general health. If you regularly experience heartburn, you may want to try incorporating more xylooligosaccharides (XOS) into your diet. XOS are prebiotic fibers that help support the bacteria in your gut. You can find XOS in bamboo shoots, rice bran, and even milk. 


If you are short on time, try making a week’s worth of meals through the course of one weekend. Keep in mind that you can make larger amounts of each dish to make them last through multiple dinners. You can even keep soups and stews in the freezer for when you are short on time in the future.


Losing weight is challenging, but you can accomplish your goals through a combination of aerobic exercise and healthy eating.


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