Mind Your Mobile: How to Take a Healthy Break From Tech

Tell the truth: when was the last time you took a break from your phone (like actually turned it off?) We’ll give you a second while you figure that out.

In the meantime, want to know how to break up with your phone addiction?

To give your Twitter thumbs a vacation, find out how to take a healthy break from tech now!

Understanding the “Digital Self”

Before we take a temporary separation from our iPhones, we’ve got to understand what the “digital self” is. And if you’ve ever FaceTuned yourself before, then you probably already know what we’re talking about.

Erica Spiegelman, author of the book The Rewired Life, explains that “the Digital Self is the term I use for our online presence. For some people, at one end of the scale, it’s a relatively honest extension of our day-to-day lives, composed of snapshots of designs seen in the foam of our cappuccino.”

While using a butterfly filter on Instagram is relatively harmless, there is such a thing as taking your “digital self” a little too far (cue the MTV hit show Catfish).

According to Spiegelman, “at the dishonest end of the spectrum, there are people whose online existence is a complete falsehood, people pursuing online romance under a totally false identity or Photoshopping every picture. For our mental, physical, and emotional health, we want to represent our true selves and be authentic. Follow accounts and read things that lift you up rather than bring you down or cause insecurity.”

How to Be More Mindful

With so many fake selfies clogging your timeline, it can be super hard to distinguish the real from the fake. To avoid catching the infamous scrolling syndrome, try taking a few minutes before you log into your smartphone or tablet device.

Focus on the present moment by clearing your mind. Oftentimes, we run to our phones for the instant hit of dopamine that our brains crave. This is what’s known as auto-pilot mode. 

To escape auto-pilot mode, enter a mindful state of awareness by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What exactly are you expecting online?
  • What is your goal while posting or browsing?
  • Are you showing off your real self?

If you’ve answered “yes” to all of the above, you’ve already made progress!

Why Tech Breaks Are Worth the Wait

For those of you who still aren’t convinced to put your phone away for part of the day, allow us to enlighten you.

As stated by Spiegelman, “whenever you’re on hold or waiting for a friend, an appointment, or something to load online, instead of opening another browser or starting another task, simply relax into the moment. Make your waiting time into a mini-meditation session. You can do this by simply observing the flow of the natural breath. Take three deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.”

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