Quick Quarantine Snacks That Keep Your Body In Shape

Is binging ice cream a part of your nightly routine?

We’re not here to judge. But if you fear the dreaded “quarantine 15,” it’s time to listen up. Rather than feeding your boredom with fatty foods, try these healthy substitutes on for size instead.

Do yourself a favor and read on for quick quarantine snacks that keep your body in shape today!

Morning Snack Attack

For those of you who are wondering what to nosh on around the house, we are here to help. Gluten-free almond flour crackers are the best morning snack, particularly when paired with almond dip.

When in doubt, you can always reach for these A.M. treats as well:

  • Mango and watermelon with chili powder
  • Almond butter and celery
  • Juicy, soft mandarins or oranges

Craving a sweet treat this morning? Reward yourself with a bite of delicious, vegan cookie dough. Better yet, throw it into the oven to share vegan cookies with your family at home.

If you are a proud member of the “quesadilla lovers anonymous” club, feel free to whip up some cheesy goodness at the casa too. If you want an even more nutritious snack, substitute regular cheese with vegan cheese as an alternative.

Mid-Day Snacking

Would you describe yourself as an afternoon snack queen (or king)?

If so, perhaps a mid-day matcha latte should do the trick. In case you didn’t know, matcha is a wonderful pick-me-up. Thanks to its bountiful blend of antioxidants, matcha helps you lost weight fast too.

While you’re at it, you might as well treat yourself with a slice of celebratory cake. However, not just any cake will do. If you can get your hands on a piece of olive oil-based cake, we highly recommend it as the perfect pairing for matcha.

On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with snacking on some bread either. To prepare, slice and toast a fresh piece of sourdough bread. Then, add a bit of honey and butter for the finishing touch.

Nightly Noshing

We get it: nightly noshing is a vital part of your evening Netflix sessions.

If you want to satisfy the need to graze, simply grab a bowl of cherries for a quick fix. Another trick is to drink a big glass of Montmorency cherry juice. FYI - cherries help you sleep better and reduce your odds of developing arthritis and heart disease.

Still have some almond butter in the pantry? Grab a peeled banana and dip away. By increasing the amount of melatonin in your body, bananas help you sleep better as well.

That’s not all.  Slicing up a few kiwis is also great for your slimming your physique and satiating your tummy at the same time. Full of serotonin, kiwi has enough nerve messengers to make you count sheep sooner than you’d think.

Last but not least, pistachios might be the midnight snack you’ve been dreaming of. Besides this, pistachios promote weight loss too.

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