Sweating is Better Together: 6 Easy Workouts to Do with Your Partner

Everyone knows that sweating is better together. But why would you want to get in shape with your partner when you could Netflix and chill instead?

It’s simple: neither of you actually want to end up looking like a couch potato. Intrigued? Read on for six easy workouts to do with your partner.


  1. Sit-up Ball Toss

Here’s what you should do: grab a medical ball and lay on your back as flatly as possible. Then, bend your knees, keep your legs a few feet apart, and engage your core.

Now, place the ball near your chest and bend your elbows. Ask your partner to take a knee and put pressure on your shoes. Taking a deep breath, straighten your back and sit up until your chest touches your thighs.

Give your partner the medicine ball and repeat as necessary!


  1. Partner Wall Sit

For the partner wall sit, all you have to do is: stand next to your partner and bend your knees until you’re doing a squat. Keep your backs against a sturdy wall for this killer exercise.

A word of advice: make sure to place your knees directly over your ankles for maximum posture. Bonus point for maintaining your weight in your heels!

Pass the medicine ball back and forth to your partner at chest level. Next, switch directions until you really feel the burn!


  1. Wheelbarrow Push-ups

Try out these wheelbarrow push-ups to sculpt your arms. Start by getting into the push-up position with your partner holding your shoes in their hands. Tighten your core and do as many push-ups as you can.

Pro tip? Have your partner squat as they help lower you to the ground.


  1. Squat Leg Hold

Another great exercise to do with your partner is the squat leg hold. Stand in a staggered position with your shoe in front of you. Now, have your partner hold your other shoe.

Flex your knee to dip into a squat position. Make sure that your front shoe is in front of you the whole time. All done? Extend your knee to get back to a normal stance.


  1. Squat Dips

Just when you thought you’d have enough: there’s still squat dips to do.

Have your partner get into a wall squat while you put your hand onto their knees. Now, tell your partner to bend their elbows and dip low to the ground.

Once they’ve gone through one rep, it’s your turn!


  1. Leg Throw Down

Finally, the leg thrown down is the last workout on the list. Don’t know where to start? Lay flat on the floor while your partner stands over you with their shoes on both sides of your head.

Grabbing your partner’s ankles, raise your legs up into the air. Once they’re perpendicular, ask your partner to push them back to the ground. When you’re done, switch places to finish up your exercise routine!


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