Team No Sleep: How to Cure Your Insomnia Tonight

Are you a member of #teamnosleep?

No matter if it’s turbulent times or sleeplessness keeping you up, running low on sleep is no fun. Not to mention that irregular sleeping patterns are a literal nightmare too.

To combat this, we’ve found several ways to help you buy a ticket to a better’s night sleep. Although these aren’t exactly insomnia cures, they are tried-and-true home remedies. If you want to deepen your sleep, here’s how to cure your insomnia tonight!

Sleep Deep, Darling

This might sound crazy, but hear us out.

Before you hit the sack, grab a bucket and fill it up with a fistful of salt and some lukewarm water. Dip in your bare feet and soak them for at least 10 minutes. Ultimately, this helps to relieve anxiety and stress instantly.

Have you ever tried listening to a guided meditation as you fall asleep? If not, we highly encourage it, especially once you find the perfect playlist to mellow out to.

For those of you who have a bathtub at home, you’re in luck. To take full advantage, fill your tub with different salts or essential oils to have a soak before bed.

Life Is but a Dream

If your life seems like anything but a dream right now, you can join the club.

That said, there’s no better way to forget your problems than using a rollerball filled with dreamy essential oil blends. Plus, rollerballs are great for keeping you calm in highly stressful situations. Whether you keep it in your purse or by your bed, try to find an essential oil rollerball that contains the following ingredients:

  • Vanilla
  • Lavender
  • Lime
  • Cedarwood

For an even deeper sleep, grab an aromatherapy diffuser and essential oils such as grapefruit and rose. Relax as your senses are soothed and your mind is cleared.

A Dream Come True

When was the last time that you left your phone charging in another room all night? 

We’re guessing that it’s been a while. Clearly, smartphones are constantly emitting a special infrared light that keeps you up at night.

As naturopathic doctor Simoné Laubscher explains, “it cannot be seen by the naked eye, but the pineal gland will register that light and secrete a very low level of melatonin, suppressing your immune system.”

Although infrared-blocking blue light glasses are the best way to block these harmful rays, they don’t block them out entirely. That’s why it’s such a good idea to charge your phone in the living room instead.

You can also play an incredible nighttime playlist to set the vibe. Try choosing one filled with soothing tracks that will slow your breathing and your heart rate, letting your mind relax along the way.

And then, there’s collagen powder, which is the most beneficial addition to your nightly routine. For a more potent blend, add the following items to your collagen powder and hot water blend:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Magnesium
  • Melatonin

On the hunt for a calming collagen cocktail? Try our Vanilla Super Premium Collagen tonight!