The Best Fat Burning Workout

Why HIIT is The Most Effective Fat Burner --

This type of workout keeps your heart rate up and effectively BURNS MORE FAT IN LESS TIME!

What is HIIT?

HIIT stands for: High Intensity Interval Training. The mechanism to train HIIT is to do short bouts of high intensity exercise, immediately followed by low intensity exercise, in intervals.

You can perform HIIT workouts to any type of exercise: Running, weight training, biking, stairs, etc.

On a scale of 1-10 high intensity is anything over a 7. If you look at max heart rate, high intensity would be anything over a 80%.

Creating a HIIT workout:

  1. As always start with a warmup and gradually get your heart rate up to the high intensity levels. We a suggest 5-10 minute warm up.
  2. Pick the type of workout that you want to perform. For this example we will use running.
  3. Decide how long your intervals will last: The normal high to low intensity ratio is 1:2-3. So for every 1 minute of high intensity work, you will then do 2-3 minutes of low intensity recovery.
  4. Next decide how many intervals you will perform: Start small and work your way up!

For our example, we will do 10 intervals of 1 minute of high intensity running, and then do 3 minutes of brisk walking.

7 Reasons Why HIIT is so effective:

  1. This training uses up the body's reserved energy, so after your workout is over, your body is still working and burning energy in an effort to “recover”
  2. HIIT increases cardiovascular health, which increases stroke volume in the heart for more effective workouts.
  3. Your body will burn fat during high intensity and also burn through fat stores during normal resting state.
  4. Short burst high intensity workout use a lot of muscle mass and in doing so they require more oxygen, which increases fat burning.
  5. HIIT produces a lot of metabolic waste, and trains the body to remove waste faster.
  6. HIIT is very stressful to the metabolic system, and as a result our bodies will naturally produce more testosterone and insulin like growth factor to repair muscle.
  7. It burns more fat in less time. Less reason to skip!

Don't forget to take your fat burner!