The Secret to a Stress-Free Summer!

Weddings and vacations and parties, oh my! Summer is thought to be a time for relaxation and lazy days, but it can often become very overwhelming, very quickly. While the increase and all these events and happenings can be exciting, the planning process can sometimes strip away all that fun. Before you know it, the summer days will be behind you!

Here are some ways to make this summer one you want to remember, not one you want to forget because you spent it stressed out.


Switch Up Your Workout Routine 

Exercise is an effective and very well-known tactic to reduce stress. If you are starting to become bored with your old workout routine, it will only make working out more miserable for you, and you will want to do it less! Step outside of your comfort zone this summer and try a less traditional workout like cycling, hiking, or yoga. Your new routine will help make exercise exciting for you again.

Plus! By learning a new skill, you are sharpening your brain!


Avoid Over-Committing

It can be hard to say no, but sometimes you don’t have the time or energy to squeeze another commitment into your schedule. Whether it is picking up an extra shift at work, or volunteering to bake cookies for your niece’s graduation party, it is okay to say “no.” If you think that by agreeing to do something, it will cause you to feel anxious and overwhelmed, it is probably not the best choice for your well-being.


Get Away for the Day

Planning extensive (and expensive) vacation trips can be overwhelming. For some people, big trips are not in the budget or realistic for their schedules. You can still take some time for yourself and your family this Summer without breaking the bank or traveling for hours. Research the national parks or attractions near your hometown and take advantage of the fun that exists right in your backyard!

HuffPost reported on a study back in 2017 that explained how taking small vacations helps reduce your overall stress levels and can even lead to higher amounts of productivity at work!


Nourish Your Body Right

Often times, people overwork themselves in the gym with hopes of achieving their dream beach body, but they neglect their diet! 80% of weight loss comes from diet, while exercise attributes a drastically smaller 20%. For a healthy body and mind, stop stressing yourself out over how many miles you can run in the heat, and start paying attention to what you are putting into your body! It is not always easy— or affordable— to maintain a healthy diet in the summertime.


BUT! Supplements make it easy for you to nourish your body and mind the right way.

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Overall, the secret to a stress-free summer is achieved by balancing both your mental and physical health, taking time to yourself, and nourishing your body with our nutrient-packed goods.