Why Full-Body Massages are a Must-Have

Stress relief. Pain reduction. Full body relaxation. Although all of these words describe the health benefits of massages, we’re adding anti-aging to the list too.


Have you treated yourself to a massage lately?


If so, then you’re one step ahead of the game. For the rest of us, here’s why full-body massages are a must-have!


Why You Need a Full-Body Massage (Now!)


We all know that getting a full-body massage is a pretty luxurious thing to do, but did you know that it can also improve oxygen flow and relieve lymph node buildup? Now that we’ve got your attention, full-body massages work by increasing the amount of blood flow in your skin cells.


While that might sound gross, it’s actually great for your skin. Plus, your masseuse can use special techniques to speed up the flow of lymph nodes in your blood. As if that’s not enough, additional benefits include:


  • Increased blood circulation
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Improved cellular detox


That’s not all.


As you get kneaded during a massage, the dead skin cells on your body fall right off.  The result is this – naturally exfoliated skin.


Did we mention that full-body massages stimulate more oil production? This is especially useful during the winter when dry skin and harsh winds are at their absolute worst!


Beauty Benefits of Full-Body Massages


Let’s dive right into the beauty benefits of a full-body massage. First of all, asking your masseuse to give you a full facial massage should be a given. Stimulating elastin and collagen production, facial massages can plump up your skin.


Can we get an amen? Besides the fact that this beauty treatment leads to healthier and firmer skin, facial massages also tone and sculpt your face, perfecting your skin tone along the way.


Using hidden pressure points, getting a facial massage might make you feel more awake than that giant venti Starbucks you’re always sipping on.


Want to know a secret?


The benefits of scalp and head massages lie beneath the skin. Miraculously, sensitive scalp stimulation helps to promote blood flow, creating healthy hair growth. Also, scalp massages can erase headaches by focusing on trigger points!


More Full-Body Massage Perks


Looking for more reasons why you need a full-body massage? Your search is over. If you’re a massage connoisseur, then you won’t be surprised to hear that it’s a fantastic way to reconnect yourself with your body.


In addition to receiving a massive energy boost, massage addicts swear that getting some healing bodywork done is the speediest way to recover after a rough workout. Not to mention that massages will naturally reduce your fatigue levels too.


Still not convinced? Do yourself a favor and schedule a full-body massage as soon as possible to:


  • Regulate sleep cycles
  • Decrease stress-related insomnia
  • Boost mood and overall well-being


Get this – according to massage experts, one hour of relaxation during a massage is equal to four hours of sleep. Enough said!


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