Why the Keto Diet is Back on Trend

Ready to get your body back on track for the summertime? Then the fat-burning Keto diet might be right for you!

Popularized by celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Halle Berry, the Keto diet is the latest craze to hit the wellness sector. Read on to see why the Keto diet is back on trend.


What is the Keto Diet?

You might be wondering: what is the Keto diet anyway? Basically, the Keto diet puts your body into “ketosis,” which is when your body’s metabolism transforms from a carb-burning factory to a fat-burning machine.

Not only does this diet stimulate weight loss, but it also breaks your addiction to unhealthy foods like sugar.

Sound complicated? The Keto diet is actually surprisingly easy: just avoid carbs and eat more fatty foods. This allows your body to enter a ketosis state, acting as a catalyst for burning fat as a source of energy instead of carbs.

This is crazy: the Keto diet started out as a treatment for people with epilepsy. Now, it’s the best way to lose weight this summer.


Why You Should Try Keto

Is the Keto diet right for you? Depends on if you can stick to a strict eating regimen. Plus, Keto goes hand in hand with intermittent fasting. If you haven’t heard of intermittent fasting yet, it’s when you stop eating for an extended period of time.

For instance, if you eat dinner at 8 o’clock in the evening, then you wouldn’t eat again until 8 o’clock in the morning. Doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Of course, you should supplement periods of Keto fasting with snacks too, like bone broth, green tea, and water. For those who decide to combine Keto with intermittent fasting, studies have shown that your body will decrease inflammation, lose weight, and speed up metabolism.

We can’t emphasize this enough: talk to your doctor before you start this diet. If you get the green light, then you should definitely try going Keto.


How You Should Eat

Essentially, the Keto diet is all about high levels of fat and protein, and low levels of carbs. That means that grains like rice and pasta are usually a no-no on this diet. Also, processed foods like microwavable dinners should be avoided. Don’t forget to ditch foods filled with sugar like soda and candy.

But here’s the kicker: you should also stay from most fruit, except for mixed berries. Beans and root veggies should also be put on the back burner, as well as alcoholic beverages and most condiments.

So, what can you eat? There are a lot of different foods that can help your body adjust to the Keto diet. For example, you can have an avocado-based smoothie sweetened with Stevia for breakfast. Hungry for lunch? Grab a turkey salad with egg whites. For dinner, eat a light protein, like chicken or fish, paired with veggie rice.

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