Your Fat Burner Wont Work Unless You Do

5 Tips to Make Your Fat Burner More Effective

--Unfortunately scientists still haven't found a way to create a magic pill that gets you lean...Darn!

But when taking a fat burner and doing it with the steps we are about to mention you can certainly boost your results!

  • 1. Get Your Diet Right

  • As they say, you can’t outwork a bad diet. The same goes for a supplement. You can’t out-supplement a bad diet. When you combine a fat burner with a good diet and a good workout routine, you will certainly start to see some great results!

    Extra Tips:

    • Eat enough protein
    • Don’t starve yourself! Just eat good, clean, whole, balanced food.
    • Eat smaller meals more frequently

      2. Take Your Fat Burner When It Works Best For You

      It is said that the best time to take your fat burner is in the morning. Just like a cup of coffee it will give you a nice energy boost, but it will also suppress your appetite. We also suggest that you can split your dose throughout the day. Some people like to take one in the morning, and one in the afternoon for a second kick.

      However, every person is truly different. Try taking it a few different ways and find out when works best for you and your body!

    • 3. Reset Your Receptors

    • Just like coffee or a pre-workout supplement, our bodies can start to get used to it, and they start to work less effectively. The best way to reset our receptors is to take a break and cycle your fat burner. We suggest taking it for 6 weeks and then taking 1-2 weeks off before starting the cycle over. This will ensure that your fat burner does not “burn out”.

    • 4. Drink More Water

    • Water makes the world go round. Literally. You may be sick of hearing drink more water all over the place, but it is truly that effective at improving everything in our bodies.

      Water will not only decrease your appetite, but it helps the body shed fat!

      However, the main reason it is important to pair water with your fat burner is because of fat burners inherent thermogenic effect and diuretic effects. Your body will naturally start to shed more water. If your body becomes dehydrated, it will actually start to slow your metabolism and slow the fat burner process. So, drink up!

    • 5. Choose a Good Formula

    • Not all fat burners are created equal and not all of them have the same fat burning mechanisms.

      Some are thermogenic, some are appetite suppressants, some are stimulants, some are non-stimulants, some have bad ingredients, cheap ingredients. -- As you can see there are a lot of factors to look at when choosing a fat burner!

      Luckily, we knew this, and we designed ours to be the most effective!

      Nutrii Ultra Burn + Energy Fat Burner


      • Bioperine® added for increased absorption (up to 2,000% greater for some ingredients)
      • Garcinia Cambogia used contains 60% HCA
      • CLA added for enhanced fat burning
      • L-Theanine added for “smooth” energy
      • High Quality Green Tea used containing 45% EGCG
      • High Quality Green Coffee Bean used containing 50% Chlorogenic Acid
      • Olive Leaf Extract standardized for Oleuropin as opposed to a generic extract
      • Bacopa Extract standardized for Bacosides as opposed to a generic extract
      • Organic Flow Agent