Your Food Is Nutritionally Bankrupt

" ... you must eat 7 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables”

Sound familiar? -- Yea, thanks Mom!


We are advised to eat a minimum of seven servings of fresh fruits and vegetables each day, BUT does this actually guarantee that we will be providing our body with all the nutrients it needs on a daily basis?


Unfortunately recent research shows it probably doesn’t!

“WHAT?! I’ve been eating all these veggies for nothing!” -- Not exactly, but keep reading...


Many of our fresh fruits and vegetables contain significantly lower levels of many important nutrients than they used to. For example the United States Department of Agriculture shows that:

  • Vitamin A in Apples is down 41%
  • Vitamin C in Sweet Peppers is down 31%
  • Iron in Watercress is down 88%
  • Calcium and vitamin A are down 50% in Broccoli


The list goes on… But let’s look into what is really happening here and how we can make up for it!


Why Are Our Foods Nutritionally Bankrupt?

Since the industrial and agricultural revolution we have seen factory farming takeoff and is now used to grow most of our fresh fruits and vegetables. These intensive farming methods rely on heavy use of potent herbicides and pesticides. Unfortunately, over time these chemicals have sterilized our top soils and neutralized many of the naturally occurring minerals.


Although organic farming does not use harmful chemicals, organic fruits and vegetables may still be grown in the same depleted soils and the organic seal is not necessarily a guarantee of high mineral content.


Additionally modern, busy lifestyles lead to people choosing processed or convenience foods which often contain very little nutritional value, but instead have high levels of sugar, fat, salt along with a number of artificial preservatives, additives and colors.

So, What Can You Do About It?

  • Switching to organic or chemical free produce is a great starting point.
  • Growing your own vegetables is also a very cost-effective option (you can purchase an inexpensive soil testing kit to find out the mineral levels in your soil).
  • Avoiding nutrient poor fast or convenience foods.


For many people additional supplementation may be required to ensure they are consuming enough of the required nutrients on a daily basis.


It is important to remember however that not all supplements are equal and some may use higher quality natural ingredients compared with other cheaper synthetic quality versions. Check to see that your supplements have been formulated in a way that allows the body to easily absorb the nutrients and uses only the highest quality natural ingredients.




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