Your Ultimate Guide to Peptides

Craving flawlessly healthy skin this season? Try adding nutrition-packed peptides to your diet. Guaranteed to make your hair grow and your skin glow, peptides really do seem to do it all.


From copper to hydrolyzed collagen peptides, we’ve got the 4-1-1 on everything you need to know. Introducing your ultimate guide to peptides!


An Inside Peek at Peptides


We get it: stars like Courtney Kardashian, Ashley Graham, and Jennifer Aniston have been ranting and raving about collagen peptides lately. So, what even are they? To answer this question, we’ve got to get a little scientific first.


Created from amino acids, peptides are tiny bits of protein that link together into a long chain. Nicknamed an amino peptide, they are literally the building block of proteins. Crazily enough, the collagen peptide is the most popular one of all, found on the surface layer of your skin.


Here’s where it gets weird.


Since there are hundreds of peptides out there, they are typically divided into several categories, which include:


  • Dipeptides
  • Tripeptide
  • Oligopeptides
  • Polypeptides


To put it simply, dipeptides are formed from a couple of amino acids, while tripeptides are formed from at least three amino acids. Meanwhile, oligopeptides are made from up to 20 amino acids. Plus, polypeptides have over 20 amino acids, providing maximum health benefits.


What do they do? Produced in gels or serums, peptides are known to improve the elasticity and firmness of your skin. That’s not all…


The Many Perks of Peptides


Desperate to know about the many perks of peptides?  Besides helping you serve face like no other, peptides can help you heal faster and produce more collagen. As if their schedule wasn’t busy enough, peptides are also great at fighting fungal and bacterial infections.

As we mentioned above, collagen and copper peptides work wonders for skincare problems, improving issues like pigmentation and inflammation. How does this work? By creating new, healthy blood vessels in your body.


Raise your hand if you have any wrinkles or fine lines that you’d love to erase. If your hand is still up in the air, then you should know that peptides can help to make your face look smoother and firmer.


For those of you that want to test it out, it doesn’t hurt to buy anti-aging gels or serums with peptides in it. That way, your skin clarity and texture issues will become a thing of the past!


Different Types of Peptides


Check this out – different types of peptides can help to speed up tissue repair in your body as well. Known as GHK, this particular peptide can fix skin, bone, and lung connective tissue faster than ever before. Not to mention that it can heal your stomach and liver linings too.


You might be wondering what the real difference between collagen and copper peptides is. Although copper peptides are applied topically, collagen peptides are ingested in protein supplements like ours. How crazy is that?


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